Better brush up on the right hook, because punching your work keyboard could soon become a beneficial idea.

A company in Berlin has created a computer keyboard made out of punching bags, and when someone wants to type, they just punch or kick the key they want, the Daily Mail reported on Saturday.

Created for the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial by German firm Bless, it was made to give users a full body experience while typing. 

Bless' studio was started in 1997 by Ines Kaag and focuses on fashion and design in Berlin. Desiree Heiss created a Bless studio in Paris as well.

"We find it terribly outdated to have a day split into a working time and a leisure time," the firm's founders said.

Each punching bag pad is installed with a chip so the computer will know which letter to type. Sitting in front of an immobile computer causes strain on the body that leads workers to need to exercise to remedy the pain. The Wokoutcomputer makes sure that typing utilizes more of the body.

The product's designers feel that bringing together the sedative act of sitting and typing with more vigorous exercise, they've bridged the gap between work and fitness, Engadget reported.