Warner Bros. has announced its movie lineup through 2020, but the “Aquaman” production is currently in the spotlight.

Jason Momoa was confirmed as the star of “Aquaman," which is slated to hit theaters on 2018. However, rumors have surfaced the Black Manta, Orm, Mera and The Trench will be supporting characters in the film, according to Aquaman fan site TheAquamanShrine.

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed the “Aquaman” supporting cast, but Momoa’s alleged connection to the DC franchise has surfaced online.

Schmoes Know reported back in September Aquaman has already made an appearance in “Man of Steel.” Aquaman allegedly saved Superman during a scene where the man of steel saved men during an oil rig explosion in the first film.

“Apparently, Aquaman sent the whales to save Supes and make sure he was OK, which makes sense considering we never actually see how Supes gets back to shore in the film,” according to Schomoes Know.

“He sees the whales and then it cuts to him walking on land, which could mean they were saving the swim back for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

Warner Bros. also announced "Suicide Squad" (2016), "Wonder Woman" (2017), "Justice League Part One" (2017), "Shazam" (2019), "Justice League Part Two" (2019), "Cyborg" (2020) and "Green Lantern" (2020).

However, you can see the catalyst that launches all the DC films, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," on March 25, 2016.