A start-up company called Whistle has created a device to help you ensure your dog’s good health for as long as possible, according to PCMag.

Whistle’s device, also called Whistle, can be attached to a collar and monitor your pet’s health. It then sends the collected information to your smartphone so you can tell if something might be wrong with your canine friend.

Whistle is pretty convenient and user friendly. Its diameter is about one and a half inches and it comes with a collar to which it can be attached.

According to the Whistle website, the small circular machine has “LED indicators” and is “shockproof” as well as “waterproof.”

The device can also connect with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Unfortunately for Android users, Whistle is only available for iOS devices. However, the website says the company is working on Android compatibility.

Whistle does more than make sure your dog stays healthy. The Whistle app also allows you to keep track of the attention you give to your dog, as well as share stories about the time the two of you spend together.

Currently this technology costs $99.95 and, unlike Tagg, does not ask for a $7.95 payment each month.

Whistle Founder Ben Jacobs said he realized both health professionals and dog lovers wanted to better understand how each pet was fairing on a daily basis.

“I recognized there was a gap in understanding for owners. What I didn’t realize was veterinarians sought the same information,” he said on the website.

According to Jacobs, one vet said:

Any information on the pet’s day-to-day would be extraordinary. Right now we are left to ask to the owner about recent trends, and they often simply don’t know.

Whistle is set to go on sale this summer.