Farrah Abraham can now add actress to her growing list of job titles. The former "Teen Mom" star is currently filming for a Christian horror movie called "Axeman 2: Overkill." Abraham will play Fannie Ray Baker, "a conservative Evangelical do-gooder" who goes hiking with her husband to Cutler's Creek, The Hollywood Gossip reports.

Camping for the couple, and their pals, don't go as planned when the Axeman shows up to "separate them... and dismember them."

"Wow first movie #OnTheSet #Memory2Remember LOVE THIS! #California what?! Lines Lines Lines #Actor," Abraham tweeted, including a picture of her holding a script.

Director Joston Theney previously told The Ashley blog that he immediately wanted to cast Abraham in the role because he couldn't think of anyone else that would be able to perfectly nail the role of Fannie.

"When I sat down to pen the script for 'Axeman II: Overkill' and the character of Fannie Ray  Baker - the voice, the look, the appearance and the feeling I wanted to invoke the moment she steps on screen, Farrah has that in spades," he said. "We just needed to know she could carry her portion of the film and she did-or should I say does. She is a very talented actress and I can't wait for audiences to see it!"

Theney admitted that he didn't know much about the reality-star-turned-sex-tape star before hiring her.

"I knew who Farrah was but, as I didn't know her personality, I couldn't hate her or love her," he said. "I knew she could be great as Fannie Rae but that was about it."

"Axeman 2: Overkill" also stars "Big Brother's" Rachel Reilly, WWE's Bryan Clark and former star of "Baywatch" Angelica Bridges. The film is expected to be released in 2015.