Starbucks is reviewing their dress code policy that says employees must cover up all visible tattoos. 

There is a strict rule at the coffee shop that prevents employees from wearing perfume or aftershave because the scents can affect the coffee. Jewelry must also be discreet; only two earrings are allowed per ear, all tattoos must be covered up, and all piercings that are not on the ears are forbidden, according to the Seattle Times.

One employee challenged the dress code last month by starting a petition online at to change the rule that requires her to wear long sleeves to cover her tattoos. So far, the petition has acquired 23,601 signatures.

Starbucks is currently revisiting their policy on employee tattoos in their chain. Zack Hutson, a Starbucks spokesman, claims their decision to revisit the policy began before the online petition.

"We are always actively engaged in discussion with our partners to determine how to make their Starbucks experience better and more valuable to them," Hutson told the Seattle Times. "We know the dress code and tattoo policy is important to them so we are taking a fresh look at it."