Another “Game of Thrones” theory has caught the fans’ attention, this time about Tyrion Lannister’s true paternity.

Though the theory isn’t new to book readers, some “Game of Thrones” show fans are learning about it for the first time. The theory connects to Daenerys Targaryen’s vision of a three-headed dragon in House of the Undying, according to BuzzFeed.

Daenerys is one of three Targaryens needed to take back the Iron Throne, according to the prophecy. Jon Snow is the second person suspected of being a Targaryen. Now, some fans are theorizing the third is none other than George R.R. Martin’s favorite character, Tyrion.

In the novels, it is suggested Tywin’s wife Joanna was raped or had a secret relationship with the Mad King Aerys. Whether by will or force, Joanna became pregnant with Tyrion, and died shortly after giving birth to him.

The youngest of the Lannister children also has features of Targaryens. In the novels, Tyrion has white blonde hair like the Targaryens, along with different colored eyes.

It is part of the prophecy a “dragon” must be born of blood.  Tyrion is a child born of blood like Jon and Daernerys, whose mothers both died giving birth to them.  Tyrion, Daenerys and Jon have also dreamt of dragons.

The alleged relationship between Aerys and Joanna could also explain Tywin’s hatred of Tyrion.  The Lannister patriarch never recognized Tyrion as his son, saying things like he can’t “prove” his youngest son wasn’t his.  

At the end of Tywin’s life, his last words to Tyrion were “you’re no son of mine,” which many took to mean he is not a true Lannister.

The theory means Tyrion might feel he has a claim to the throne if he is a Targaryen. If Tyrion is a Aerys’ bastard son the throne would go to Jon, but only if Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark were married at the time. If Jon’s Rhaegar’s bastard son, then the throne would go to the last legitimate heir, Daenerys.

However, this theory only works if the man who claims to be Rhaegar’s son Aegon is actually who he says he is. Needless to say, Tyrion being a Targaryen would be an interesting twist, but Aerys being the father may be a stretch.  

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