The photo-sharing social network experienced 'technical issues' on Thursday afternoon. Instagram tweeted about the outage, but didn't release the source.

"Instagram is experiencing some technical issues. We're aware and working on a fix," the company wrote at 4:01 p.m. EST.

Problems for the service began at 3:25 p.m., according to A "503 Service Unavailable" alert pops up on the app and the website posts a "500 Internal Server Error." Service was restored around 5 p.m.

Instagram had not experienced an outage since they moved off of Amazon Web Services and onto Facebook earlier this summer, according to Mashable. An Instagram spokesperson declined to offer further information to Mashable other than the company's tweet.

Instagram users resorted to their Twitter accounts to complain about the outage. Some were genuinely concerned, while others took the opportunity to mock those obsessed with the photo-taking app.

"Oh, Instagram is down? What's going to happen to your modeling career?" @MiserableMadge tweeted.

"I just hiked 4 miles up a mountain but no one will know because Instagram is down and i cant post a selfie. #firstworldproblems," @firstworldme wrote.

"Instagram, you're literally being so rude right now..." @Kam_Bontrager tweeted.

Instagram's service delay comes after PlayStation Network and Time Warner Cable both experienced major outages in the past week. The hacker group LizardSquad took credit for corrupting PlayStation's service on Aug. 24. Time Warner Cable blamed a technical glitch for bringing down their network on Aug. 27.