AMC released the Season 5 trailer for "The Walking Dead" during their San Diego Comic-Con panel. Fans had been anxiously waiting for a glimpse of the new season and the three-minute clip didn't disappoint. Rick is reunited with baby Judith; they all escape Terminus; and Beth is alive.

Towards the end of the trailer, AMC gave a brief look at Beth's storyline and she's definitely in a sticky situation. It appears she's been kidnapped and taken to some creepy-looking hospital with a bunch of unfriendly people. At one point, a lady cop slaps Beth.

So who in the world would dare hit Beth Greene? The lady cop has been identified as actress Christine Woods ("Flash Forward" and "Hello Ladies") but her role in "The Walking Dead" remains a mystery. It's not clear if Woods will have a major role and AMC has not announced the character's name.

According to, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd confirmed at Comic-Con that the female officer is Christine Woods. She also said other newbies/guest stars will be Denise Crosby (returning as Mary) and Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel.

On Friday, July 25, The Spoiling Dead posted some spoilers on their Facebook page about Season 5 and said "Beth's arc this season will be bigger than most think." The group also said the people behind the crosses will be similar to "the Saviors" from the comic books, "but they are not the saviors."

The Spoiling Dead also claims that Father Gabriel knows the truth about Terminus and the big secret they're hiding. Speaking of Terminus, Rick Grimes and the rest of the group will have bigger threats than the Termites when the show returns. There has been a lot of buzz that Negan could be popping up this season.

"The Walking Dead" returns Oct. 12 on AMC.