Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy doesn't consider herself to be a "role model"... at least not anymore, E! News reports. The 22-year-old actress went on a lengthy rant via Reddit on Thursday, July 24 and asked fans not to look up to her because she doesn't want that pressure.

"I am not a role model. I don't claim to be, I don't try to be, and I don't want to be. There was a time when I tried to live up to the aggrandizing title, that pedestal of a thing. Maybe it wasn't so much that I was trying to live up to it," McCurdy wrote. "Perhaps I thought I could and I thought I was supposed to, so I gave it my best shot."

"It's fine, I can admit it. Back in my adolescence, I was more amiable, bubbly, and on lightly humid days, maybe even flouncy," McCurdy continued. "I was role model material and then some."

The former "Sam & Cat" star said she has done "a bit" of growing up since then and admits that while she "might not be any wiser," she does believe she's a lot more honest with herself... and apparently her fans.

"I realize that to attempt to live up to the idea of being a role model is to set myself up for forgone failure," she said. "Sure, I've made some mistakes, but even if I hadn't, people would have found invisible ones. This world is one seemingly most keen on judgment and negativity, despite all the hearts and smiley emoticons."

"To remove myself from the role model battle, the falsified standard set by the bubblegum industry, is - in my eyes - to remove myself from the counterintuitive battle of attempting to be something perfect while being glaringly aware of my imperfections."

McCurdy's rant comes just eleven days after Nickelodeon cancelled her show "Sam & Cat," which she starred on with Ariana Grande. In the last few months the actress has made headlines but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Back in March, racy lingerie photos of McCurdy were leaked online. It was rumored that the pictures caused some strife between the former "iCarly" star and the network. There were also rumors that McCurdy and Grande weren't getting along either.

During the rant, McCurdy said she doesn't regret any of the choices she has made and is proud of the way she has lived her life.

"I am proud of my choices. I am proud that no one can call me fake or say I don't stand up for myself. I am proud that my friends and family would say that I am a good person. But in order to be thought of as a real, true role model, I believe you have to know a person and their actions, inside and out," McCurdy explained.

"What defines a person as a role model is the way they live their life. And no offense, but none of you know how I live my life."

"Calling a celebrity a role model is like calling a stranger a role model."