A 16-year-old girl presumed missing for the past nine months has been found dead and her murderers were two teens she considered friends according to Fox News.

Skylar Neese allegedly climbed out her bedroom window and never returned home.

The small town never believed the girl had any intentions of returning home and immediately suspected foul play. Together authorities and the West Virginia community placed fliers around town and followed every lead provided to them. 

The search ended when 16-year-old Rachel Shoaf, identified as Neese's friend, came forward and admitted that her and another girl planned to kill the honor student. According to Fox News, the girl admitted to luring Neese into her apartment, fatally stabbing her, and then burying the body 30 miles away from her home.

Shoaf's accomplice was not identified. Both suspects are expected to be charged as an adult unless prosecutors are denied that request at the next hearing.

"They look as normal as any other kid that you could ever see, not kids you would think would have anything to do with anything like this. It's ridiculous," said BJ McClead, a neighborhood barber.

No motive has been reported as the three girls were assumed to be friends with no history of conflict. 

"I think police who were involved in the front lines of that interview and that part of the investigation were stunned at Rachel Shoad's confession. She confessed to a plan and conspiracy with another juvenile to kill Skylar Neese. A plan carried out," said Marcia Ashdown, a Monongalia County prosecutor.

Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is now awaiting sentencing. Her family released a statement apologizing to the family of the deceased and confirming that Shoaf's confession.

The Neese family is trying to change the Amber Alert laws within their town from being limited to kidnapping cases to any cases.