Netflix's hit show "Orange is the New Black" gained some new faces in season two, including the chatty Brook Soso, played by actress Kimiko Glenn.

During an interview with Vulture, Glenn spoke about her role on her show and the nerve-racking experience of shooting her first sex scene with Natasha Lyonne (Nicky Nichols).

"Well, I actually met [Lyonne] that day, and we had like a little van ride together to set, and she talked a bit about it and I was kind of asking her," Gleen told Vulture. "I wasn't really nervous about the whole nudity aspect, I was more nervous about sex on-camera, because I was like, I've never really had to do that. I've never done a sex scene before.

"And like, one where I'm talking throughout and all these things. And she was like, 'Well, truly it's the least sexual thing ever.' You know, you're thinking about A, B, and C, the technical things you have to execute in order to do this, and nobody wants you to feel uncomfortable, everyone kind of just wants to get it done."

Glenn claimed her sex scene wasn't as intense on set as it was on the show. The process was more of a routine than a hot and heavy scene for the actress. Glenn also spoke about Soso being the only character that was truly isolated this season.

Racial division played a big role in the second season of OITNB, with the whites, blacks and Hispanics claiming their territories. Soso is one of two Asian characters on the show, and not one has tried to befriend her.

"Yeah, that's one of the things I said to one of the writers before the finale was written: It was like, Brook does not have any friends," Glenn told Vulture. "Like at this point, I just don't think she made any friends. No one likes her still. And then it ended up being like, all I talked about in the finale, the fact that I had no friends. But I do hope that she finds someone who can stand her."

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