There's "Walking Dead" buzz that Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was spotted on set but she wasn't at the Terminus location. According to The Spoiling Dead and other forums, Beth was seen at a huge Southern mansion.

There's speculation that the house will be used in Season 5. On May 12, The Spoiling Dead posted on Facebook that, "Sources report a new filming location with 'Do Not Mow' signs already up in Griffin, Georgia! This time, the neighborhood and information would seem to make this the perfect place for some Beth action from what I am told..."

They also shared a picture of the house. The Walking Dead Women also shared a photo of the same mansion and wrote, "More News... This House been rented again as a filming location... North Hill Street 441, Griffin/Georgia. As rumors have it... Beth was seen around that location... also the house next to it... get used often for inside filming."

There haven't been any actual pictures of Beth on set yet. When Season 4 ended, Beth was kidnapped and missing. It's not clear who has Beth (or if she's still alive) but there's speculation that she was taken by Father Gabriel Stokes.

Father Gabriel hasn't been officially added to the show yet but it's been said that newcomer, Seth Gilliam, will play the character. Earlier this month, Deadline reported that Gilliam had signed on as a series regular for Season 5 but AMC was trying to keep his character's identity a secret.

The network gave Gilliam the fake name Michael Todd. They also released a description about "Michael." According to Deadline, the character is described as "having two sides, displaying a friendly, puckish humor but also having a haunted side stemming from a dark secret."

In the comic books, Father Gabriel is an African-American priest who barricaded himself inside his church at the beginning of the outbreak. Even though his family, friends and parishioners flocked to the church for safety, Father Gabriel refused to unlock the doors and instead let them get devoured by zombies.