Withings unveiled on Tuesday the second generation of the consumer electronics company's pulse activity tracker, called the Withings Pulse O2.

The main focus of the device is to measure the user's pulse oxygen levels, according to AppAdvice.

The pulse oxygen level and the user's pulse rate are shown on the back of the O2.

The device's design is similar to that of the earlier version of the tracker, which appeared as a small slab with a clear, blue light that users could easily see while moving.

The O2 comes with a new bracelet mount that users can wear on their wrists, TechCrunch reported.

The Pulse O2 can track steps as well as more intense activity, such as running. The device additionally keeps track of the user's elevation, distance and calories burned. Consumers can change the readout of the device and log the information vertically.

The oxygen saturation level, also known as SPO2, tells the user how efficiently he or she is breathing. The feature can be useful while training at high altitudes, and can also be helpful for people looking to assess breathing issues such as asthma. Heart rate is provided through the heart-rate monitor on the back of the device, and is measured through the blood vessels in the user's fingertips, TechCrunch reported.

Users can combine the Pulse O2 with their iOS device by using the Withings Health Mate app, giving them the opportunity to observe their progress with specific fitness goals throughout the day, AppAdvice reported.

The device is currently available at Withings.com for $119.95, and consumers can choose between blue or black colorways. A clip is also included so the user can attach the O2 to a belt.

The device can also monitor sleep patterns, TechCrunch reported. The O2 can work with other apps that use Withings' API. A standard micro USB is used to charge the device, which makes specialized charging cables unnecessary.

The Pulse O2 will be available in the next few weeks at Apple, Target and Best Buy.