At least two dozen students in Missouri's northeast were wounded on Tuesday, after a school bus flipped on its top in a ditch near the border of Illinois.

Officials from Lewis County School District were scheduled to make a statement Wednesday morning on the accident, which occurred in a rural section of Ewing.

11 children were transferred to Blessing Hospital by ambulance, while 15 others were brought to the medical facility by their parents, spokesperson Steve Felde told WGEM. Most of the 28 students involved in the crash received treatment and were taken home by their parents. Around 12 kids sustained injuries between moderate and serious levels of severity.

"We're focusing on, right now, to make sure all the parents are notified, all the children are taken care of," Chief Deputy for the Lewis County Sheriff's Office Robert Power said during an interview with WGEM.

Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Anderson told the Southeast Missourian that about five students sustained more serious injuries.

"We're praying that everybody is going to be OK, but we do have some serious injuries," he said on Tuesday.

The hospital was reportedly in "Code Yellow," requiring all hospital officials be on standby while waiting for multiple injured people to check in.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the bus overturned into a ditch at Highway C and Juniper Avenue. The vehicle was moving eastbound on Highway C at about 3:30 p.m. when it slid off the right hand side of the road. The driver swerved to the left and the bus flipped into the trench just off the two-lane road.

The driver, whose identity has not yet been released, suffered some minor injuries. No other vehicles or drivers were harmed by the crash.

Although the event was nerve wracking, Dennis Hedges, whose two grandchildren usually ride the bus from school, but found an alternative way home on Tuesday, said he was relieved it wasn't fatal.

"With the way the bus looks, I was thankful that someone wasn't killed," he told WGEM. "There was a big concern about that. Once I came over the hill and saw some children sitting on the side of the road, it was a great relief to see that some weren't hurt."