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13-Year-Old Florida Girl, 15-Year-Old Boyfriend Try To Kill Girl's Parents

By Bianca Facchinei | Mar 10, 2014 09:37 AM EDT

Police Tape
The dismembered remains of a British man were found in storage boxes inside the home he shared with his son, after his son allegedly killed him. (Photo : Twitter)

A 13-year-old girl and her 15-year-old boyfriend are facing attempted murder charges after carrying out an attack on the girl's parents on Sunday, CNN reported.

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According to authorities, the girl lured her mother into their garage, where her boyfriend jumped out and attacked the woman, slitting her throat. He then went inside to attack the girl's father but was eventually convinced to back down and drive the let the bleeding woman go to the hospital.

The father, who was uninjured, then took his wife to the hospital where she underwent life-saving surgery and detailed the attack to investigators.

The names of the teens or the victims have not been released.

Shortly after the incident, both teens were arrested in and booked in Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. The boy told police that the girl planned the attack because they "wanted to be together," the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Both teens face conspiracy to commit murder and attempted second-degree murder charges.

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