Pope Francis dropped the F-bomb in front of the Vatican public during his the weekly blessing, Sunday.

Giving the sermon in Italian, the pope amazed the people by unintentionally uttering the F-word. It was seemingly a slip of tongue. He intended to use the word 'caso' but the pronunciation was such that it sounded exactly like 'casa' that translates to f*** in Italian.

He was actually talking about the political crisis in Ukraine. All he meant was "In this case (caso)," before saying 'casa,' reports The Los Angeles Times. This is obviously a common mistake any non-Italian speaker would do.

The Daily Mail reports that the Pope's slip-up baffled those assembled for the sermon with an obvious look of "Did he just say that." However, the Vatican did not issue any comment clarifying the mistake.

The video of the 77-year-old pope's f-word went viral and garnered over millions of views on YouTube and other social networking websites.

Understanding and learning foreign languages can be an upheaval task. Say for example,  this phrase from Bible that says how "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God." The phrase has puzzled people across the world with some arguing the camel's capability of going through the eye of the needle, reports The Washington Post. Is the word really 'camel' or can it actually mean a large rope? Or does it imply the actual needle eye?

However, coming back to the pope's F-bomb, the slip-up will not make him lose out on his followers. He is supposedly the most popular pope till date and he is actually more popular in the Catholic Church itself. Icing on the cake is that he has over 3.73 million people following him on Twitter. After all, he is the people's pope!

Watch Pope Francis' F-bomb Here: