A white supremacist from the Sacramento, California area has been convicted of killing a registered sex offender, and was sentenced Saturday to 26 years to life in prison.

His wife-who is being tried as an accessory to the crime-will be incarcerated for around two months, according to The Sacramento Bee.

Charles Gaskin, 48, was a member of the white supremacist prison group called the "Peckerwoods, according to his probation report.

He had a tattoo across his throat that bore the number "23": according to jail culture, the twenty-third letter in the alphabet, W, stands for "white."

Under Peckerwood law, Gaskins was to physically harm any other white person who had a history with child molestation.

He was living with his wife in Carmichael, just outside of Sacramento, when a friend named Neil Lee Hayes needed a place to stay.

He moved in with Gaskins and his wife, Sandra Sheaves.

After looking Hayes up on the Megan's Law website, Sheaves found out he had a record as a sex offender, and told Gaskins, around June 30, 2009.

Using a rock, Gaskins then smashed Hayes in the head to death.

The husband and wife got rid of the body near Placerville, an area about 45 miles away from Sacramento.

Gaskins received 26 to life with very little discussion on Saturday. Sheaves was given no contest to accessory to murder, and her attorney, James Warden, says she should be let out in about 66 days.

Hayes' brother was the only person who submitted any evidence on behalf of the deceased-he wrote a one-page letter detailing his loss.

"My brother Neil was a good man," John said in his statement. "Somewhere he went wrong. We tried numerous times to help him. He would do good for a bit, then go back to the same lifestyle."

John then went on to write that Gaskins and Seaves had broken god's law, "Thou shalt not kill. Their reward awaits them," he concluded.