On episode 11 of "The Walking Dead" fans found out why Eugene, Rosita and Abraham are so desperate to get to Washington: Eugene knows what caused the zombie outbreak and could be the key to stopping it. At least that's what he's telling people.

Fans of the comic book series already know Eugene's story but for those not familiar and want to remain surprised, stop reading now.

The rest of this article contains spoilers.

If you noticed, during the episode Eugene was acting a little strange. He didn't seem all that excited about going to Washington D.C. and that's because he has no idea how the zombie virus started or how to stop it. In the comics he's eventually exposed.

So why is Eugene lying? Well based on the comics, after the outbreak hits Eugene realizes he's not good at fighting off the zombies and fears he won't survive. However, he does know that his one strength is his brain so he hatches a plan and pretends that he knows classified, government information about the zombie outbreak.

Because of "his knowledge" the group he's traveling with does everything they can to protect him. It's not clear if AMC's version of Eugene will follow the comics but Josh McDermitt (who plays Euegene) recently dished on the sneaky character.

"Eugene is constantly scheming; and he is always a few moves ahead," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's like he's planning a chess match. He could have swung the gun the other way and killed the walkers [in episode 11] but instead he swung it at the truck. Whether he did it on purpose - and I like to think he did - but even if he didn't he's able to use that and think, 'How can I use this to my advantage? How can I continue to stall this trip to D.C.?'"

"As much as he doesn't want to be in the room with a lot of people who might ask a bunch of questions, he likes to keep that group small and manipulate them," he continued. "He likes to be the one who pulls the strings and he feels like he can help Glenn find Maggie. That is going to slow up Abraham and Eugene may try to and appeal to Abraham's humanity in that."

What do you think about Eugene? Will he be trouble for Rick and his team?