Jodi Arias' March 17 re-trail date will be postponed due to one prosecutor's conflict of interest with another death penalty case. 

Legal representative Juan Martinez will begin trial for 40-year-old Bryan Husley on May 12. Husley has been charged with the murder of a law enforcement official in Glendale named Anthony Holly, who was killed in 2007. According to AZ Central, Holly's trial, much like Jodi Arias', has been put off multiple times. 

Presiding Criminal Judge Joseph Welty considered which case was more pressing during a hearing, Tuesday.

33-year-old Jodi Arias was convicted of murder after she killed former lover Travis Alexander in his suburban Albuquerque home. But a jury couldn't decide whether to sentence Arias to death or life in prison, dragging the sentencing portion on for months.

Hulsey, who is currently awaiting trial on is the oldest capital murder case in the United States, killed Officer Holly during a traffic stop. Law enforcement instructed Husley to get out of the car at the time of the homicide. He pulled a pistol out of the waistband of his pants and shot Holly. 

Each of Hulsey's defense attorneys dropped the case, AZ Central reported, pushing his trial further and further. He's now been scheduled for a May 12 hearing.

Martinez attended Tuesday's meeting by telephone due to an illness. He said another prosecutor should take on the Arias trial, which one of Martinez's supervisors insisted wouldn't happen. 

Hulsey's case will go first, Welty ruled, since it has been awaiting trial for a longer period of time. 

Maricopa Superior Judge Sherry Stephens, who is presiding over Jodi Arias' case, has been tasked with rescheduling the 33-year-old's trial.