An Arizona judge has denied a motion to spare Jodi Arias' life, the Latino Post reported on Tuesday.

Defense lawyers reportedly tried to take the death sentence off the table for the sentencing portion of Arias' retrial, which is currently scheduled for March 17.

Arias' legal team argued that Arizona legislation allowing a retrial of the penalty portion is unconstitutional and essentially adds up to double jeopardy, the Latino Post reported.

Defense lawyers also contended that Arias' retrial amounted to cruel and unusual punishment.

But Maricopa Superior Judge Sherry Stephens struck down the bid in a ruling made last Friday.

"Arizona's capital scheme has been found to be constitutional by the United States Supreme Court and the Arizona Supreme Court," Judge Stephens wrote.

Arias was indicted for first-degree murder for the death of former lover Travis Alexander, but the jury couldn't come to a unanimous decision for her penalty at the time. The prosecution was pushing for the death sentence, while Arias' legal team tried for life in prison. Since then, Arias has been behind bars, biding her time.

Despite her incarceration, Arias, who reportedly slit Alexander's throat, shot him in the head and stabbed him multiple times, has been updating her Twitter account fairly regularly. She often advertises fundraising pushes to help pay for her legal fees, including the sale of her original art and wristbands she calls "Jodibands."

If jurors can't reach a decision come March 17, Arias will automatically be exempt from the death penalty.