The wait is (just about) over! Season 4, part b of AMC's "The Walking Dead" returns tonight (Sunday, Feb. 9) at 9 p.m. The last time viewers saw Rick Grimes and the group at the prison they were being attacked by The Governor.

A lot went down during that episode and to help "Walking Dead" fans prepare for tonight's show we've put together a list of everything that happened in episode 8 and what to expect in episode 9, titled "After."

1. Hershel and The Governor are dead.

In episode 8, The Governor beheaded Hershel. Rick pleaded with the Governor not to kill him but sadly had to watch as Hershel was murdered. Also during that episode Michonne stabbed the Governor with Lily finishing the job and killing him.

"Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman had previously said that the group doesn't handle Hershel's death very well.

"Hershel was a father figure and a mentor," Andrew Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly. "He was the bedrock for everybody, he was moral conscious."

2. Baby Judith is missing (and presumed dead).

During the attack at the prison, Rick and Carl stumble upon baby Judith's empty, bloody car seat. There's no sign of the infant and since the prison is swarming with zombies, it's presume that Judith died during the attack.

Lincoln told EW that his character and Carl are both convinced they will never see the baby again, which leaves them both distraught. Kirkman hasn't revealed what happened to baby Judith but did say the mystery would be solved in tonight's episode.

3. The group at the prison has separated and fending for themselves.

After the attack, the group at the prison was forced to split up. It was already revealed that Michonne is traveling by herself (and has two new pets) while the others have broken off into smaller groups.

4. Carl takes the lead.

According to several reports, Carl has a standalone episode. He has been featured in several sneak peeks coaxing zombies from an abandoned house he and Rick are staying at. It's been rumored that Carl takes on more a leadership role as Rick tries to get his strength back up.

"Just wait, all I will say is just wait for what this kid [Chandler Riggs] is going to do this season," Lincoln told "He I think has done one of the best episodes certainly this season, and he kind of carries it. It's beautiful what he's done."

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