A police chase and subsequent shootout in Eden Prairie, Minn. has left two dead, according to the Associated Press.

Law enforcement officials closed U.S. 212 in both directions following the shooting, the Pioneer Press reported.

Minnesota State Patrol spokesperson Lt. Eric Roeske told the Press no officers were injured during the event.

Police officers received calls of a red Saab zig-zagging through the lanes of the Hennepin County highway after speeding off from the site of a crash at about 7:30 a.m. on Friday. According to MnDOT surveillance video, the car can be seen zooming through the roadway at speeds of at least 90 miles per hour, police told the Associated Press.

Law enforcement officials quickly located the vehicle, then engaged in a high-speed chase for at least ten minutes. At some points during the chase, the Saab's hood was popped and resting against the windshield.

Just before 8 a.m., the red car crashed on Highway 212, just off of Dell Road. A man and woman emerged from the car, but it's not clear who the victims were at this point.

Traffic controllers are moving cars away from the site of the shooting. Commuters were backed up for almost a mile in the area, the Press reported.