Tensions in the Ukraine border take another turn as the Russian threat of tapping the UK undersea cable will cause worries for the allies. The Russian Federation has the underwater technology to tap deep for info online.

Once again, the Kremlin is putting a new dimension to conflict by threatening submarines cables that will stretch the allies further. Moscow is said to wage a hybrid war using natural gas and helping Belarus allegedly to overload the Polish border. An expert suggests that the Russian leader just pulled another stunt.

Russia could tamper UK undersea cable

Russian troops are at Kiev's doorstep, and according to the Allied nation, forces loyal to Moscow might roll over the border anytime, the Express UK reported.

But according to Harry Buckle, an expert suggests NATO and the US will be facing a new threat. The Russian could tap into the undersea internet line with data and intelligence. This conduit is crucial for Europe and the US to share information, and the data networks will be compromised if they are tampered with.

This forewarning was issued after the vessel Yantar, owned by Russia, used to carry out covert missions was seen off the coast of Donegal-Mayo in the Irish Sea close to underwater cables last August, cited Brinkwire.

Reliance on these cables by tech giants like Facebook, Amazon, and Google need this facility to transfer vast amounts of data to Ireland and the world.

The eight submarine cables that route four to Britain and four are going to the US. If it is shut down and information is dead. A possible Russian threat of tapping the UK undersea cable is a nightmare for the allies.

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Risk of security breach

Yantar's transponder was switched off and had several manned and remoted controlled undersea vehicles (USVs). They all have the technology to spy on the underwater cables on the ocean floor.

Buckle wondered what could be on these wires when all the secret cables were underfoot. He added that anyone could tap this cable via a manhole and get information as an analogy.

Furthermore, it was not a major threat to consider, though. One reason is that the military and security outfits have secure protection in place.

Though the protection protocols will be secure, the expert said there is still a risk of a real security breach that cannot be ignored, noted FA News.

Buckle said that it is not military data but commercial data with countless emails, including designs and even patents. Data-wise, a lot is online and easily compromised.

Home-based work has lessened data protection, and security for residential networks is limited. He suspected data is purloined easier than ever. Ireland said there is no way to safeguard these cables.

A parliamentary debate made it clear that the Irish defense policy I lacking to safeguard these submarine cables from spying.

Simon Coveney, Irish Foreign Minister, stated the cables are not under the military jurisdiction of the Irish Navy service. They cannot do anything. The US and its allies have a gap in intelligence, said a source.

Faced with the Russian threat of tapping the UK undersea cable, it admittedly has no remedy, and Moscow has a gap between capitalizing on further; the allies' dismay.

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