The Prince of Wales became the first member of the Royal family to publicly condemn the "appalling atrocity of slavery" in the Caribbean, stating that it "forever stains our history."

The Prince, who was in Barbados to mark the island's official conversion into a republic, addressed the country with words of reconciliation and respect.

Prince Charles witnesses Barbados's conversion to a republic

The Prince told a crowd in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after the Queen's Standard was lowered for the final time, saying the foundation of the republic provided Barbados a "new beginning." The monarch, who is no longer Queen of Barbados, sent her own gracious letter to the island's residents, expressing her "warmest well wishes."

The Queen, who is 95 years old, was unable to visit the Caribbean country in person. She sent her own message to Dame Sandra Mason, the new president who will succeed her as head of state, congratulating the people of Barbados on "this historic occasion."

The Prince, who was wearing a mask, stood there silently while the flag was folded, rolled, and wrapped before being stored for the last time. The new presidential flag was raised moments later, and Mottley was sworn in as president of Barbados and was presented with new military colors, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Rihanna, who was born Robyn Fenty and lived in Bridgetown, was given the Order of the National Hero of Barbados in recognition of her "visionary and pioneering leadership," creativity, and hard work on the international stage during the ceremony.

During a ceremony to remove the Queen as head of Barbados, Prince Charles was caught on tape appearing to fall asleep. The 73-year-old was seen on camera closing his eyes and drooping his head before suddenly sitting up as cameras flashed in front of him, as per MIRROR.

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How much will Prince Charles spend during private flights?

As the Caribbean island exits the Commonwealth and elects its first President, Prince Charles pays a visit to Barbados. During his two-day visit to the island, the 73-year-old Prince will be the first member of the Royal Family to oversee the transition to a republic. The visit comes just over a week after he and his wife Camilla returned from a trip to Jordan and Egypt that was initially planned for March 2020.

Prince Charles, as Prince of Wales and a senior member of the Royal Family, is frequently forced to travel in his official capacity. Prince Charles will, understandably, have to fly to these engagements and tours because he represents the Queen and the United Kingdom.

However, according to recent data, a large portion of Prince Charles' flights are on private jets. According to Stratos Jet Charters, Prince Charles took more business flights than any other member of the Royal Family between 2015 and 2021, based on a review of the Royal Family's financial filings.

According to the company's Royal Travel Index, Prince Charles is the most frequent flyer among the royals, having taken 27 flights totaling 124,313 air miles between 2015 and 2021. The entire cost of Prince Charles' flights is $3, 420, 575.52, according to the breakdown.

Despite Prince Charles' recent forceful pleas to reduce emissions to combat climate change, 74 percent of these flights were private jet flights. In recent years, Prince Charles isn't the only member of the Royal Family who has taken multiple private jet flights, reported.

According to the data, the Royal Family flew 550,461 miles on 94 visits between 2015 and 2021, at a cost of $ 8.79 million. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles' wife, came in third on the list, with a total of 70,625 flight miles logged during 14 visits.

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