Putin pressured US President Joe Biden over the Ukraine scenario that is currently engulfing the EU. The UK and Washington have hyped up the prospect of an invasion over the shared border with Russia.

The White House is now on the hot seat as Kyiv leader President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said President Vladimir Putin might signal his forces to roll over to the other side.

Moscow has said it has no designs many times while the US and UK have done provocative actions close to the Russian Federation, drawing the Kremlin's wrath.

Potential escalation could occur on the border soon

Mr. Zelenskiy said in the last few days that a coup would be coming soon, and there is a readiness to engage militarily if the former Soviets cross the border, reported the Express UK.

Iulia Joja, an expert from Georgetown University and connected to the Middle East Institute, gave insight into Moscow's intentions.

Joja spoke to Newsweek remarked that all NATO members expect Russia to lay down its red lines to keep Ukraine isolated and alone from all western assistance.

She added that this is the hard part of gaining NATO membership when the Kremlin is drawing its limits to tolerate what it sees as unacceptable. She noted the US is not good at diplomacy over red lines.

Now, the Kremlin is on point and making moves that are perplexing US President Joe Biden and his administration. It is like Putin saying what's next, and he is aware that the current POTUS is not as sharp.

The director says that the US cannot assist Ukraine where it counts and makes it less tense.

Why Putin pressures Biden over the Ukraine scenario is how he's handled crisis so far, not satisfactorily.

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Moscow has increased military activity near the border

Both leaders will meet before the years' end to thresh out what needs to be done. In the Geneva summit, the US leader avoided a press conference with Putin. Another was not agreeing to a debate when the US president called him a 'killer,' cited Wion.

Joja mentioned what will happen between Ukraine, Russia, and the United States after all this and if more arms can be provided for assistance.

Sources say that Moscow has deployed checkpoints and heavy armor between Boguchar and Kantemirovska; as tension flare-up.

On social media, some posted updates on the current situation on the border. Tweets range from Russia has checkpoints at two locations, and hardware is on the move to areas.

The appearance of the army transports noted by the district administration remarked that there is no emergency to deal with.

Furthermore, the FSB released a statement about the Russian Federation in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions on November 22. The reason for the checkpoints is for safeguarding the state border.

They added that only locals with permits could enter the checkpoints, which is no entry for journos.

Moscow wants Kyiv to see its value to the Russian federation than the west. The question now remains if the US can support Ukraine like it did in Afghanistan. That's why Putin pressures Biden over the Ukraine scenario because of the perception of frailty abroad and at home.

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