An Indian man rises from the dead after staying in the hospital mortuary for some time. Ironically, he died five days later from an earlier injury.

The Indian man, Srikesh Kumar, 40, was found alive after thought deceased from a motorcycle mishap. Sources say the medical personnel concluded he was lifeless, but he unexpectedly woke up later when he was supposed to be dead cold.

Dead Indian man awakes after staying in mortuary

After the revival in the mortuary, his survival was supposed to be a joyous event for his relatives. But, Kumar died about five days later, reported the Daily Mail.

Because of his injuries sustained in the earlier mishap, the miracle did not last long as internal bleeding in his skull ended his life quickly.

Confirmation came from his relatives that Kumar did not survive treatment at the Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial (LLRM) medical college in Meerut last Tuesday night, cites the London News Time.

Satyanand Gautam, the deceased's brother, spoke to the Times of India, said that his brother struggled to live but lost to death after five days. He added that Kumar wanted to live more than anything.

Gautam added that there were times they thought their relative would make it when called out. Although his vitals were all normal, the blood clot formed in his brain killed him.

Indian man declared dead on arrival

Kumar had been in a critical state after being struck by a motorcycle in Moradabad, on the east side of Indian Capital New Delhi. 

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Initially, the electrician was sent to a private medical facility soon after the accident. The attending physician declared him dead on arrival (DOA) during that time.

After being proclaimed dead by the private doctor, the man was sent to a government hospital for a post-mortem exam last Friday.

According to the police, the electrician's body was placed in the morgue freezer, and his relatives came six hours later.

Dr. Shiv Singh, the Chief medical superintendent of Moradabad, stated that the emergency medical official checked the patient at around 3 a.m., and no heartbeat was detected, confirming him clinically dead. To make sure of the prognosis, the doctor checked the man over several times.

A statement from the medical superintendent remarked that the police and family went to the mortuary for paperwork and examination.

One media source said the document allowed an autopsy on the supposed deceased agreed by a family member after confirming Kumar before the post mortem exam.

The sister-in-law, Madhu Bala, noticed that he was not dead and reviving at that time. In the viral video, she was heard saying, "He's not at all dead, in fact, he's far from it! How did this happen? Look, he wants to say something, he is breathing."

Surprised, Dr. Singh said he was declared DOA when the authorities were there, and the family saw he was not dead. The physician said it was not the usual case, and negligence cannot be attached to it.

Ms. Bala stated that being in a cold freezer could kill Kumar, and he was not conscious yet. However, the relatives will file a negligence case. An inquiry will look into it and who hit him on the road.

The Indian man rises from the dead before an autopsy is done but dies later, which is quite tragic that he died anyway.

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