According to accounts during WW2, a lost German U-Boat became the final resting place of dead Nazis. This treasure is supposed to have golden loot and treasures which never reached Germany.

Before the fall of Berlin, the Third Reich was said to be hunting for gold or treasure but many of them were lost. One of these is the Amber Room from Russia.

Other treasures that are said to be lost on the U-Boat were unknown riches and priceless artifacts like Tutankhamun's lost at the bottom of the sea when it sank.

Hunt for Hitler's undersea treasure fleet

About forty years ago, Roger Miklos, treasure hunter extraordinaire, reported that he has traced one of Adolf Hitler's clandestine U-boats lying on the ocean floor close to one of the islands in the Turks and Caicos, reported the Express UK.

In World War 2, the U-boat fleet was prowling the Atlantic for victims, true to their mission in which they sank a total of 1,500 ships of the allies. These were mostly transports carrying much need supplies to embattle Britain for the US. From 1939 to 1945, it was dubbed the Battle of the Atlantic.

Mr. Miklos said that the lost submarine was a special version of the U-boat that was optimized for undersea transport. A fleet of nine of these boats were built until 1945 when the war ended.

The said lost German U-Boat had dead Nazis who died on the boat while trying to reach Argentina, cited the Deep Trekker.

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Speaking about the wreck, he never gave the exact coordinates when was still alive. However, he kept documents that contained the location of Hitler's secret U-Boat, and other papers.

In 2018, he passed away from heart attack. Speaking in his final interview prior to his death, he detailed some information that was never mentioned before.

He said that the content in Hitler's sub is the biggest find. He added that it will surpass every other discovery that were missing for the last 72-years.

Search for the treasure U-boats

The mystery of Miklos's sunken U-boat that he was supposed to have found years back is the subject of a History Channel special. In the show, they investigated his account and attempted to retrace the steps of the treasure hunter.

According to diver and explorer Mike Fletcher, who allegedly got a call from the family of Miklos, they were supposed to give everything that was kept for many years, including the secrets that were investigated by Fletcher and his colleagues.

He was asked if the claim of art treasure and priceless loot does exist in the fabled Nazi hoard. He confirmed that the loot exists and is not a tale.

The German army is an avid collector of gold and precious art while the war raged. Fletcher said the underwater vessels might have tried to smuggle the king's hoard before Germany fell.

Before Miklos gave his account, there were attempts to find the secret long-lost U-boat and the alleged dead Nazis on board.

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