Experts think the COP26 will end in disagreement for all participants especially with the absence of Moscow and Beijing.

It is possible that it will not be successful because of the differences of the members. It is noted that the last meeting on dealing with natural gas supplies did not go so well either.

The theme of this year's climate change event is keeping the global temperature at 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Big players may not chip in

The conference that starts this Saturday is called the "Keep 1.5 Alive," which is the temperature to keep in Global warming.

Though some experts have weighed in and predicted a disaster due to the political economy of climate change, cited the Politico.

Oliver Geden, who is connected to the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, spoke his thoughts on the affair. He added that it is a wasted effort by all participants, with the small ones ready to comply but the big ones will not agree to that. Failure is a strong end based on the analysis.

Also,COP 26 in Scotland will not have all countries willing to take on the economic and political ramifications of cutting emissions abruptly.  

About 200 representatives from their respective nations will be there. Alhough Xi Jinping of China and Vladimir Putin are not interested, the US will be there.

Sources say that some nations want some adjustments to be done to tweak the goals for the summit. Those from Europe are trying to explain that global heat of 1.6 to 1.7 is acceptable and is not a failure, reported the Express UK. With that, COP26 may end in disagreement as the goal is very ambiguous.

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Some countries are also starting to move the goalposts. Top government advisers in Europe are preparing to explain to the public why 1.6 or 1.7 degrees might not mean total failure.

One unidentified British diplomat said that the summit may not reach its goals, and that it would be unfortunate, cited by Politico. He added if the COPs cannot deliver it would impact a lot.

Climate change is not a lost cause

Not everyone agrees that 1.5 Celsius objective of the COPs is a loss. Farhana Yamin, a British lawyer who has attended all the U.N. Climate talks said that because of vulnerable countries, it will stay.

She remarked that resetting the threshold for climate change is somewhat unacceptable.

To that effect, the Italian government asks the G20 nations to stop using coal as an energy source. According to Italy it would be beneficial to the 1.5 Celsius goal, noted Reuters.

But, the world's major powers and big developing countries disagree vehemently, these countries like China, India, and Russia are not agreeing even before the talks. It is alled as a way to adjust the goalposts of the Paris Agreement.

India's former lead climate negotiator, Rajani Ranjan Rashmi said that it's a mirage, and those who want the 1.5 Celsius should cut theirs faster. He added they've hit the 1.5 Celsius goal already.

Needless to say, the COP26 may end up in disagreement as even before it even started. It seems that ignoreing the needs of developing nations is crucial and should not be criticized.

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