Rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific arose when the EU bloc violated the 'One China Principle' by planning a Taiwanese diplomatic mission soon. The plan comes after the US was caught sending troops to Taipei, which Beijing said there would be consequences.

The US is allegedly goading its allies to face the Chinese in the South China Sea and all waterways in that region of the world.

One of the possible reasons why the focus in the east is the loss of Afghanistan is a significant factor that dictates this move by the Biden administration.

Taipei official visit to Brussels violates the One China policy

A new rift between Brussels and Beijing signals worse tensions after the mainland government told the European Union leaders to leave Taiwan alone, reported the Express UK.

Sources say that Chinese officials are incensed at a visit to Brussel by a Taipei official on an EU tour to show that the island is independent. For President Xi Jinping, the island is part of China.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has been to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Reuters will expect him to be at an anti-China demonstration in Rome by the week's end.

By chance, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will be visiting Italy at the same time.

Beijing would not let the Czech Senate off the hook for violating One China, saying it was a very provocative act to do. Also, Wu was criticized for promoting secessionism in his EU trip.

But that will be nothing when the Taiwanese official goes to Brussels itself. Help along by the EU bloc violating 'One China Principle' without concern.

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The EU gets an earful from China

According to an EU representative, she knew about the state visit by the official, and they will be talking to Taipei even if they aren't recognized officially, cited Politico.

Beijing sent a terse response to the EU. It read that China opposes any interactions by any nation with Taiwan, especially countries with diplomatic ties to Beijing, states by the Chinese Mission to the EU (CMEU), which is clear.

It got wind of a planned trip by British members of parliament (MEPs) to the island planned for next week.

The CMEU posted on social media their response to that. Saying the MEP's trip will compromise the EU promise to a One-China and cause damage to their relationship. It was essentially causing potential problems that would have repercussions.

Sources say the US is increasing its influence to affect the dispute with China, which is getting more pronounced, detrimental to the EU more than the US.

Recently the elected president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, said that she believes the US will not abandon Taiwan if the PLA decides to start an armed takeover of the Republic of China (ROC).

The recent fall of Kabul has made much doubt the US couldn't stop third world insurgents, much less a modern army like China despite the brazen pronouncements for the White House that China has heard.

Tsai Ing-wen admitted there is US military adviser on the island herself and added Washington and Taipei are working together in defense matters.

Allegedly the US might be stoking the tension that Beijing will unify by force. For now, the mainland Chinese government has remained silent.

Along with the EU bloc violating the 'One China Principle' creating tension, Joe Biden's pivot to Asia has bothered experts about the sudden move to repulse China if it assaults.

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