China reveals a new anti-satellite weapon designed to knock out US satellites in orbit, causing a less effective US tough stance. Beijing's relentless development of various technologies has made it a superpower to watch, and even Russia, now considered pre-eminent superpowers.

Compared to the US, which is tapping its allies, both China and Russia have been actively deploying their military assets. China as a superpower has placed all its efforts to improve its military, while the US is divided, which allows the CCP to catch up.

China reveals new anti-satellite weapon

Chinese scientists have developed a less spectacular weapon than its alleged hyper glide vehicle (HPV), explosives designed to destroy satellites, reported the Express UK.

After Beijing showcased its new hypersonic missile, which surprised the US at its development, the American military also failed in its test.

Called an anti-satellite weapon which is placed in the probe exhaust nozzle and explodes like a time-controlled explosion, cite the SCMP.

The device will only damage the inner parts of the satellite after exploding, like an engine failure. Leaving the US, ground control was surprised their satellites had been knocked out. It leaves Washington and the Pentagon blind in space, with space capabilities canceled.

One catch is how the explosive is supposed to enter the space probe. For military planners, it is a novel way of destroying flashy lasers or missile launches. But it is a quiet attack, that's for sure, as China reveals its new anti-satellite weapon to be rolled out soon.

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Chinese spy-like weapon could sabotage US satellites in orbit

It is getting developed by scientists from Hunan Defence Industry Polytechnic in Xiangtan, by Professor Sun Yunzhong and his co-scientists. The basis of the weapons was published in a journal, and the device can be placed for delay explosions with a locking mechanism, noted the Swift Headline.

The scientists have designed it to detach as well remotely. This kind of tech will be a weapon-like spy action that includes sabotaging US satellites in orbit without the opposing military's knowledge.

But, such activities might escalate war brought into the confines of space if it goes wrong. But, it might not only be China causing it.

China is developing its space technology at a dizzying pace to have a deterrent to protect itself and not be at the mercy of any nation, not even the US.

It is no secret the United States is also planning its own set of space weapons, as the Pentagon is planning its specific development. Other American agencies feel that the government needs to speed up efforts to develop counter technologies and enable technologies that will ensure Washington's leadership.

Another is the need for more efforts to give NASA funding to keep up with China and Russia, having the weapons and means to reach Mars before the said two.

Increased activity in the realm of space which is now more active than ever. With a new for a new generation of space vehicles that are more powerful and reusable. One example is the Chinese Long March booster rocket. In planning, China reveals a new anti-satellite weapon that is determined to win the space race and make the US lag behind.

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