The bodies of two Arkansas residents and their car that were reported missing in 1998 have just been found.

According to reports, officials recovered a car and human remains in a body of water in Russellville this week. Pope County Sheriff's Office Investigator Erick Riggs said that the discovery could provide some closure to the woman and her baby's family.

Riggs had been in charge of the missing person's case for the past ten years. And he said that he has also found some closure.

"We're very confident. I just don't want to be overconfident, arrogant about it, and say, 'Yeah, we know for sure until we know for sure.' We do believe we have human remains. We don't know how many, and it looks like we have items that are consistent with our case," Riggs said via THV 11.

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Pope County Sheriff's Office received help from non-profit organization

According to the investigator, he spoke with the woman's other daughter, and she was the one that encouraged him to reach out to the non-profit group, Adventures With Purpose. The non-profit told Riggs that they found the missing woman's car in the water.

Lead diver Douglas Bishop told reporters that they also spoke to the missing woman's family before traveling to Arkansas.

After all these years, Adventures With Purpose managed to find the woman, her daughter, and their car using advanced sonar systems. And it only took the group an hour to find the missing persons. The woman and her daughter's bodies were found inside the car, and the group immediately sent them to the state crime lab for DNA testing.

FOX 13 published a photo of the woman's blue Ford Tempo. The snap shows the vehicle that's upside down being pulled out of the water. It is also covered in mud.

Woman, her daughter never came home

According to KARK, the woman and her daughter were reported missing on Sept. 11, 1998. She was on the way to drop off her daughter before attending a concert in Little Rock.

However, the woman didn't manage to drop her daughter. And she also didn't make it to the concert. Reports also revealed that the woman was pregnant at the time of her disappearance 23 years ago.

More missing persons found in Arkansas

Meanwhile, this isn't the only missing person report in the state of Arkansas in recent months. In July, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirmed that the body of a woman reported missing in Fort Smith was found in a pond in eastern Oklahoma.

According to US News, the body of Tara Strozier was found in a pond in Rock Island. Three men were arrested in connection to her death.

Alex Nathaniel Davis, 30, was arrested on first-degree murder and kidnapping warrants. Austin Johnson, 23, was arrested on a murder warrant, and Kaelin Hutchinson, 24, was arrested for obstruction.

Strozier's family reported her missing on July 19, and her vehicle was found abandoned five days later in Cameron. Reports later revealed that the victim was tortured before she was killed. And her body was left in the pond.

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