The PLA tested developed underwater explosives for destroying US harbors and ports, which would be applicable should maritime warfare come to the Indo-Pacific. State media bolstered China would use it against the US if any conflict came.

Chinese military planners are trying to add anything they can use or technologies like simple explosives capable of taking out facilities for ships. The US navy uses ports throughout the Indo-Pacific for their ships, crucial to any maritime fleet.

China conducts successful underwater missile test

Military personnel tested the device last Saturday with underwater charges to wreck a dummy pier in an undisclosed location in the mainland, reported the Daily Mail.

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) develops asymmetrical methods to fight a war, and units will be deployed to cut supply lines. They added large ships like destroyers, and aircraft carriers that need support and logistics when taken away will leave vessels wide open, noted What's New 2Day.

Military tests by the Chinese have been one after the other, with the launch of a satellite capable of attacking US space vehicles. But, it was the two-trial launch of a low orbit hyper glide vehicle (HGV) which is referred to as a hypersonic nuke.

It seems whether, in space or underwater, the military's new explosive could wreck a pier with ease, as seen by the loud boom that followed.

Wharves are classified as hostile by sensors on them. If it is, then attacking it will be in order based on the data from it. PLA tested developed underwater explosives as other options to take away logistics from the US.

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Sources say the development of these specific underwater demolitions is adjusting as the US pacific fleet spreads out, not bunching up. Looking for scattered US vessels will be less of a threat. Washington's plans on hiding forces will still allow a chunk to be found and destroyed.

China's hypersonic missile could destroy US ports

According to a military source, the goal is to wipe out all ports and logistics that will cause their forces to get defeated. The reported launch of the new satellite, the Shijian 21, is used to clear space debris. The technology is new and developed for space clearing.

Washington said that technology is a robotic arm that can be weaponized to take out other satellites by grappling and disabling them, cited SCMP. It sent up another similar satellite to the Shijian 17 back in 2016.

It is supposed to be a communication satellite that looks at space junk but has a robotic arm for object manipulation. The Shijian 17 is a military satellite that is for causing other orbital craft to fail.

According to the head of US Space Command, General James Dickinson, he told congress the presence of a manipulator is no coincidence in its design.

He added that one of Beijing's developments allows the PLA to become a dominant force in space with such technologies utilized for various military purposes. The PLA tested developed underwater explosives is a sign of seriousness.

It can be argued the recent reports of technological progress from drones, HGVs, and spacecraft like the Shijian are all for enabling China to leap ahead of the US. Already the port destroys ordnance is an adjustment to keep the US on its toes.

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