Russian Navy planners with military officials say that maritime operations will have drones as an integral part of military strategy. The development of drones for military use is getting developed by many forces around the world.

For Russia, this means having autonomous units for the military branches for any purpose needed. One aspect of these autonomous units is that they can do missions without losing human life and allow the most extreme operations to be done remotely.

Underwater, Aerial Drones of the Russia Navy

One particular unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) is the Poseidon which can go deep and move fast if needed. Even NATO shudders at the thought of this nuclear torpedo which is Moscow's insurance policy against nuclear attack, reports The Nationalist Interest.

Poseidon is an unorthodox weapon for tactical use and custom-made to attack powerful US carrier strike groups.

 It's only one of several technologies developed. Other than marine drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) will supplement naval modernization, said a top Russian defense industry executive, cited The Diplomat.

Oleg Savchenko spoke about how Russia's maritime modernization is going ahead, noted TakTikz.

He added that in the framework of the Armed Forces development in cooperation with different services and weapon systems. It is related to the approaches available in the new information space.

Savchenko says these approaches are more use of combat drones. One example is that manned ships in future combat will be of less use. Instead, more drones will be used in the front for naval warfare or operations based on Russian navy planners.

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Robot ships will be a different category to follow. But other complementary uncrewed autonomous systems from aerial, underwater, and even swarming drones as well, cited TASS.

Crewed ships will be less survivable in the age of hypersonic weapons, and the use of robot ships will be a countermeasure to consider. Employing all sorts of robotic or remote vessels will be the thrust, and even swarm drones, stated the Krylov State Research Center.

It is a race for major nations like Russia to establish a force based on drone technology to be part of the armed forces, hoping for domination in a power struggle.

Russia's UUV Could use Tsunami strategy

One of the craziest weapons to be devised by any nation is the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), with a nuclear warhead that will explode submerged deep underwater. This UUV will cause a radioactive tsunami that will rise and flood land areas.

It will be the ultimate revenge weapon to hit back at enemy coasts like the USA. Better yet, it is developed to travel and reach the coastal areas of any adversary nation and made for stealth attacks.

The fear of the power of a carrier strike group has made this weapon possible, and since the US has the most carriers, that are where its greatest strength lies.

But Russia has even fitted its new Belgorod special-purpose submarines to carry at least six of them for good measure. These are considered the best deterrents conceived by any nation on earth.

Like the US, the Russian Navy planners are moving from a sizeable brutish force to leaner and meaner, with drones to add to its systems in the future.

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