Automation of weapons is proceeding at an alarming pace. One of these is Terminator Quadruped Dog Robot that is now a reality. The system will have many applications, from deploying robots to take out high-value targets or just armed watchdogs 'literally' sniping away at targets.

Seeing the weaponized robot with a rifle mounted on it that can shoot a target at one kilometer away is terrifying how these systems induce a Terminator 'dystopian fear'. Removing the human from the rifle or replacing it with artificial intelligence, coupled with high-tech sensors, make it deadly and unstoppable.

Rifle mounted on robot dogs to relace sniper army recruits

How can a robotic quadruped for killing be stopped? Chances are it cannot. From one kilometer, it can slither away after a kill. It was made by an American firm, Ghost Robotics, that has collaborated with the SWORD Defense Systems firm that specializes in creating weapon systems that are high tech.

Introducing the robot dog, a combined system whose acronym is SPUR or 'Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle' to attack targets in the field without endangering a human sniper, reported the Daily Star.

One of the uses of this robot dog-mounted rifle is that it does not need the training to become an expert sniper at 1.2-kilometers, compared to training an army recruit.

The mounted weapon is a 6.5mm Creedmoor sniper rifle controlled via remote operator, just like a drone. According to the firm that fabricated and designed SPUR, which uses advanced sensors for all-weather operations.

Sword Defense said the Terminator 'Quadruped Dog Robot' is just the start of unmanned weapon systems (UWS) to come.

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Unmanned weapon system's unique features

Ghost Robotics and its robot dog is no pushover and cannot be pushed down either as it avoids attacking it, cited Best World News.

Ghost Robotic stated the robots are unstoppable and can recover from a slip fall. Even if there is a failure, they keep on moving with the company's developed blind-mode operation. Ensuring once unleashed, it will keep on moving to its designated target.

It drew mixed reactions from people who had several opinions, which were based on films like Terminator where robots ran amuck, courtesy of Skynet that made humanity suffer a dystopia fate.

One post said that in a post-apocalyptic hellscape that is the future, people would be hunted by these robots as food. The super-rich will have them harvest others as nourishment. Adding the rich has morality. People would be next on the table. Some would say this remark is way off tangent.

Certain users mentioned that the videos with these mechanical dogs were fun and carefree, but the truth is they are automated weapons with legs to move around.

Another remarked that they could do dances and other exciting synchronizations, but these functions turn deadly when they are released to do the job. They are murderous weapons developed to reach the target and keep moving, standing until they stop.

An aghast user-made feeling very clear to the ones making these war machines. Saying these are not good for the future, selling death-dealing tools of destruction. Do you have children?

Many intellectuals like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in 2015 sent a letter to the UN to outlaw weaponized AI. The Terminator 'Quadruped Dog Robot' is included because it can learn.

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