A member of the Proud Boys militia revealed to his FBI contact that the riot in the US Capitol building was not planned, as opposed to claims of the Democrats. Since January 6, the administration has painted a narrative tying in the Proud Boys and Trump loyalists to an alleged insurrection to discredit the former president.

The administration has been trying to prove that the Capitol uprising was planned, but it has not been confirmed. 

Since then, the Democrats and the Biden administration are pinning everyone involved as insurrectionists, saying it is a threat to the nation, which many conservatives disagree with.

Proud Boys member informed FBI contact as Jan. 6 incident unfolded 

The unknown affiliate of the alleged far-right Proud Boys militia was an FBI informant participating in the January 6 incident. On that day, he sent relevant texts to his FBI contact as the incident occurred, reported the Daily Mail.

He added that he was a follower of the group's ranks and not one of the leaders at the top. Clarifying that accusations saying their top leaders never planned the breaking in the US building. It was by mere coincidence when it happened during the counting of the 2020 election results for the president.

Reports from The New York Times suggest there is more to what the FBI actually knew what was happening on that date. Saying law enforcement agencies were not straightforward over what was transpiring as the Proud Boys member revealed to FBI Contact details firsthand.

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The paper cites how the informant and his group went close to the Washington monument on the morning of January 6 to hear then-President Trump speak during the 'Stop the Steal' rally.

Since July 2020, the informant has given info to the federal investigators, and he said that the group was supporting Trump.

There was confusion in the group that prided itself in its patriotism about whether they committed to entering the capitol, saying that no ill intent was meant to enter the building. During the mad melee, the informant passed information that barriers were put aside by those said to be wholly Trump supporters. However, the FBI contact had not realized there was something amiss.

FBI informant's statement challeges prosecutors on proving Capitol uprising was planned

Despite what the Democrats and the media alleged was a plan to invade the capitol, it was not the case for the Proud Boys.

The informants' statements noted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will make it hard for federal prosecutors to go after conservatives like the Proud Boys. Trying to pin a plot on that day will be frustrated a bit.

Furthermore, the informant entered the Capitol and immediately got out through one of the windows when he heard that someone was shot inside by a police officer. The intelligence from the FBI might be part of the House committee formed to look into the events of January 6.

To date, more than 600 of the alleged rioters have been charged for the January 6 riot, with 15 who were Proud Boy members, cited CBS News. They have pleaded guilty and have to testify later on. The FBI added its methods are not up to discussion regarding matters, including the information the Proud Boys member revealed to FBI contact.

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