The incident of two Great White sharks attacking a surfer is unusual for these solitary alpha predators. An attack by one large White is terrifying enough, but two coming after one human is nightmare fuel. It is a miracle the victim survived the assault.

When the attack occurred, the victim only lost one hand to the two predators. He survived through sheer determination to withstand the two monsters. He doggedly swam back to land afterward as he feared being chased by the oceanic predators.

Surfer ambushed by two sharks

Shannon Ainslie was 15 when he was the survivor of the incredible dual shark attack in 2000. During that time, he was with his brother and pals, who felt ill at ease that day and got out of the sea, reported the Sun UK.

The victim was surfing in South Africa at the Nahoon Reef when two great whites appeared to work together in an ambush on the surfer.

What should have been a day of hanging out and surfing for him turned out to be a fatal encounter with not just one but two sharks. It was odd that day when the air was thick with the scent of sardines. It tends to draw sharks to the general area and should be noted by swimmers that an attack might occur.

After paddling to get a big wave to ride on that fateful day, riding on the surfboard, one of the ten-footers sharks rammed his board, that sent him flying into the air, one of the sharks bit his hand, and the other bit his board simultaneously. The two Great White Sharks attacked the surfer with the intent to be their prey, noted the Daily Star.

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Trapped by the sharp jaws on the board, they started to go under the water. The other shark tried to bite Ainslie's head and shoulders but missed its mark. Ainslie thought both monsters wanted to eat him, so they competed, which caused the captor to release its death grip on the surfer and lose his hand grip.

Terrifyingly, the surfer was facing the giant predator, seeing the sharp cleavers in its mouth with its eye looking at him. It swam away after that, and he was left all alone and injured in the water. He went out of the water for the damaged board and saw his right hand hanging off as his skin only connected it.

The only double shark attack on record

Shannon Ainslie is the only person to be attacked by two great whites and live to tell of the ordeal. It was a bloody mess as a hole was made on his hand, with the wrist bones exposed after getting bitten through.

No one was in the sea when he escaped the sharks. He had to get out of the water with one hand, in his injured state. If he stays any longer than needed, then one of the Whites might come back to finish him off, cited Granthshala.

Paddling for 20 minutes in the water and fearing one the beasts will show up, it will be his last. Reaching shore, his brother immediately stopped the bleeding from the hand. They waited five hours for Ainslie to be treated with 30 stitches on the right hand, with surgery to close the gaping wrist hole. Even when two Great White sharks attack a surfer and are the only known survivor, Ainslie returns to surf.

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