The Yakuza crime lords of Japan are one of the most notorious gangsters with strict and bizarre rituals that differentiate them from other organized crime organizations globally. Members adhere to a strict code that is followed or be meted with severe repercussions, or cross them it will be a reckoning.

Stories and reports about them are in the media, from the tattoos and severed fingers, with the terrible revenge they are capable of should anyone of the members get offended. One of these stories even involves displeasure over their boss's botched operation of his private part.

Mafia boss orders assasination after botched up surgery

Most Japanese men cannot complain if an operation of their privates goes wrong, but not for a Japanese mafia boss. Identified as the mafia godfather of the Yakuza, Satoru Nomura, who became mad and required someone to pay for an unsatisfactory surgery over increasing the size of his private part, reported the Sun UK.

His subordinates called him the God or Emperor, which Nomura demanded. When his member surgery got botched up, he allegedly ordered a hitman to teach the nurse a lesson for the wrong result, noted the Vice.

Failing to assassinate the nurse for the personal infraction, the head of the Kudo-kai Yakuza crime lords was caught and will be hanged for avenging the chief's privates, as they attempted to kill the nurse but failed.

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How the Nomura 'hit' attempt in 2013 went down happened this way, contrary to the one that circulated but was not the exact story. One of his men stabbed the nurse in the head after she helped with the post-surgery care after the penile enhancement.

But the nurse treated the mafia godfather with the same care as others, who have undergone the same operation. Nomura said the procedure hurt while the nurse was removing hair from his crotch, and she remarked the tattoos must hurt more. The crime chief felt scorned, the reason why she was attacked, but she luckily survived.

Later Nomura was caught red-handed for directing the slaying of the head of a fishing cooperative who defied the will of the Yakuza.

Distinct practices of the Yakuza

Members of the Japanese mafia have to get tattoos and fingers cut as a reminder of their mistakes. Other activities they do are drugs, prostitution, gambling, loan sharking, and protection rackets as sources of income. Yakuzas have even claimed their eradication of petty lawbreakers and crimes tolerated by authorities cited Global InitiativeIf there was any violence on the street level, it was assumed to be between crime families only.

Before, custom declared that bosses ordering a hit would pay a large sum and grovel to be pardoned, then authorities would send their minions to jail. But the Japanese police are targeting mob bosses who attack civilians, not those going after rival gangs related to the Samurai honor code that Yakuza crime lords follow.

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