MS-13 is the most notorious gang from L.A., with a reputation for heinous crimes in places that take root. Their members are known to be the most savage gang with an international reputation.

If the name is mentioned in places where they are active, their mention the gang's name, and everyone keeps quiet. They have their origin in the U.S. in L.A., which was exported to North America via deportation of these hardened criminals.

Crime is their motto

The street gang has the distinction of one the most prominent groups with a finger in drugs and murder. They live with the anti-social motto of 'Kill, Rape, and Control,' reported the Daily Star.

Many of the trademarks they control are due to the discovery of headless bodies that bear the scars of machetes, which is a favored type of execution.

The level of violence they present was enough to make people call them a terrorist body due to the terrible atrocities against others.

The cruelest gang on earth?

Its bloody reputation is everywhere. Gangs like the Sinaloa and Los Zetas fought a war in Mexico, cited by the BBC, that had a casualty of 10,000 people caught in the cartel's crossfire. The conflict prompted the competing cartels to get the violent L.A.-based gang on their side.

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Violence is part of the MS-13 culture from day one. They are brutalized with a beating that lasts about 13-seconds long. Afterward, they have to commit a terrible crime which is commonly murder. Next is to get marked with a tattoo that will identify them as members who won't ever leave. Leaving will usually be fatal for members and their families.

The group first started in Los Angeles that has links in South America in all sorts of crimes. Dealing with drugs and human trafficking, flesh trade, extortion, and murder are crimes they have committed.

A deluge of immigrants from El Salvador in the 1980s, when other gangs were fighting, the notorious group added more members.

The vicious gang pushed back with a machete as a weapon of choice, not a firearm, when the gang wars began with members deported to El Salvador. It only imported their violence to south America.

Members range from 30,000 to 50,000 globally, with 10,000 in America competing with bigger gangs like the Crips and Bloods. Regardless, the L.A.-based gang is at the top for its brutality. In Honduras, the death penalty is active again, so its members are wary.

Crimes committed by their members

 In one massacre, they stopped a bus and shot 28 dead. Most were women and children. Juan Bautista Jimenez, the man who ordered the bus massacre, was hanged by gangmates in prison for displaying horrendous publicity.

When gangs were causing instability in El Salvador, young members asked for a dollar from people that wanted to cross a checkpoint, and older gang members would kill them if they don't cooperate.

In the U.S., it was getting bloody, with many teens killed by the L.A. gang. One incident where two girls were used as lures to stage the murder of four teens as a rite of passage, noted CBS News.

A gang member of MS-13 was ignored by a woman and killed, along with her baby being shot twice.

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