The White House has finally announced that President Donald Trump will nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on September 26.

President Trump is aiming to keep up some suspense, according to reporters he already made his decision but did not reveal his pick.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett

The Senate confirmed the nomination of Barrett, and it would allow the president to put a historical stamp on the high court weeks before the presidential election.

President Trump said that his choice was "very exciting" without giving away the name of the nominee, but Republican allies said that the nominee is Barrett, as reported by The Associated Press. 

Congressional allies and conservative groups are laying the groundwork for a fast confirmation process for Barrett, even before President Trump makes the selection official in a Rose Garden ceremony.

The conservative groups are not wasting any time in moving to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as they organized multi-million dollar ad campaigns and marshaling supporters both to confirm the pick and to help boost the campaign for Trump's second term.

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President Trump remained coy about his choice on September 25 as he returned from a campaign swing. When the president was asked whether lawmakers were being told it was Barrett, President Trump just smiled on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews.

President Trump said that his nominees are "outstanding." He will provide much-needed political assistance as he tries to fire up his base.

For conservatives, it will mark a long-sought payoff for their campaign. For Democrats, it will be another moment of reckoning, with their party locked in a bitter battle to take back the White House and the Senate.

The Senate Republicans are readying for confirmation hearings in two weeks, with a vote in the full chamber weeks before Election Day. Meanwhile, Democrats do not have any power to block the votes.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox News that he is confident that President Trump is going to make an outstanding nomination.

McConnell added that the American people are going to take a look at the nominee and conclude that she well deserves to be confirmed to the U.S Supreme Court.

Democratic Senate Dick Durbin said that the Republicans are hell-bent on getting the nomination and appointing done as fast as possible as they think it can help President Trump get reelected.

Trump's reelection

Outside conservative groups are planning to spend more than $25 million to support President Trump and his Supreme Court nominee as they have been preparing for this moment for 40 years.

The Judicial Crisis Network has organized a coalition that includes American First policies, Susan B. Anthony List, the Club for Growth, and the group Catholic Vote.

JCN's Carrie Severino said that one of the things they have learned from the histories of confirmation processes, the intensity of the fight has more to do with the previous occupant of the seat than who the nominee is. They expect this to be a very high stakes confirmation.

Just hours after the death of Justice Ginsburg, President Trump made it clear that his intention is to nominate a woman to replace her, after previously putting two men on the court.

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