With hundreds of shows coming out every year, it is impossible to watch everything. That means that there are shows that are masterpieces yet are not getting the recognition that it deserves.

While it is tempting to re-watch popular shows and jump in the bandwagon, it is still worth it to branch out and give lesser-known shows a chance.

Here are some of the hidden television gems that are worth your time.

Schitt's Creek

"Schitt's Creek" is different than other shows. The acting is amazing, the storylines are hilarious and meaningful, and the characters will make you fall in love. You will laugh, you will cry, and sometimes you will do both.

Named as one of the best comedy shows in the recent years, Schitt's Creek scored its Emmy win this year. The show is now in its fourth season and is worth adding to your "must watch" list.

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The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling stars in her own show "The Mindy Project," which is about Mindy Lahiri, a young OB-GYN who is constantly striving to improve her personal life, excel in her career, and find love.

Kaling's writing is hilarious, and the show is packed with brilliant one-liners that will stick with you months after you've watched the show.

Kaling is not afraid to tackle sensitive topics like racism, sexism, and single-parenthood. The characters are charismatic and lovable, who feel more like family members by the time the series ends.


"Revenge" is an ABC drama that follows Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, on a journey to avenge her father's death. Under a new identity, Thorne cozies up to the family who is responsible for framing her father for an act of terrorism, and she uses every skill that she has to take them down.

If you wish you immerse yourself in a superficial and dramatic storyline, then this show is for you. The show hits the right spot, and it has love triangles, elite parties, murder, blackmail, and all the twists and turns that will make you glued to your seat.


Executive-produced by Anthony Anderson, "Grown-ish" is a show fans of "Black-ish" should watch. The show follows Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi, as she starts her first year of college.

The show is aimed at a younger audience than Black-ish, but the heart of the show and the message remains. Yara Shahidi fits the character perfectly. The show is fun, light, and it gives a great insight into the real stresses that face today's youth.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

If you are looking for a show that can give you a dose of nostalgia, then check out "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Although the Netflix version "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is amazing, nothing beats the original 1996 version.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart starred as Sabrina Spellman, and she lived a normal, fun, and relatable life than Netflix's version of the show. She used her powers to navigate everything in her life, from school, friendships, and romance.

Although the original version of the show does not have Satan and other terrifying demons, the show was advanced for its time, and it got better with age. The casting was perfect, and Salem the cat was unforgettable.

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