You can never go wrong with barbecue, from sausages, burger patties, ribs, chicken and steaks, everything that comes from the grill is guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Barbecues have evolved through the years, it is not just a simple way to get together with family and friends or done during a football game, there are joints that offer amazing barbecues that have amazing twists to make their food stand out.

Here are some of the best barbecue spots that you must visit:

17th Street Barbecue in Murphysboro, Illinois

Mike Mills and his daughter Amy are the driving forces behind 17th Street BBQ. Built in the early 90s, Mike's cherry and applewood-smoked, magic-dusted baby back ribs have been winning championships and breaking competition circuit records.

People travel from across various states to the small town of Murphysboro to devour the delicious barbecues and spend some time in the amazing restaurant. If you can't make the journey, they offer shipping of their meat.

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Arrogant Swine in Brooklyn, New York

Arrogant Swine offers North Carolina-style BBQ. They offer deep-hued pork shoulders and vinegar-drenched pork parts. Alongside artisanal condiments, Tyson Ho, the owner of the restaurant, brought the regional specialty to Brooklyn.

From cracklings to pepper sauce and slaws, the place is legit. Order the outside brown shoulder cuts dipped in tangy sauce over everything else because it is difficult to find them above the Mason Dixon line. Also, try their sweet potato waffle.

Beast Craft Barbecue in Belleville, Illinois

Beast Craft Barbecue is owned by David Sandusky, and he brought meticulousness and reverence for ingredients to the Illinois barbecue scene.

Sandusky was also able to rack up the kitchen counter worth of local and national awards. At Beast, you can try Old Hickory pits smoke, Duroc pork, and Wagyu brisket. They also offer the traditional combo plate, reverse seared pork steak and Brussels sprouts. If you wish to visit this restaurant, make sure to arrive early as they sell out fast.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que in Decatur, Alabama

Bob Gibson created the distinctive vinegary, mayo-based sauce generations ago, way before it became common anywhere in the country in different BBQ establishments.

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que is a must-visit restaurant if you have plans of traveling to Alabama. Eat your weight in hickory-smoked chicken and their other delicious dishes.

Buxton Hall Barbecue in Asheville, North Carolina

Stepping into Buxton Hall Barbecue is like stepping into the mind of cook Elliott Moss, a native who has infused his life into the craft of whole-hog barbecue.

The old skating rink was turned into a barbecue restaurant. It opened in August 2015, and it features brick bones, wood floors, and vintage hand-painted murals, making it the perfect backdrop for Moss's talents.

Buxton Hall Barbecue offers hog's head hash and chicken bog in addition to its Eastern North Carolina style whole hog barbecue with its vinegary red-pepper flecked mop.

The seasonal sides utilize the properties of wood smoke, fire, and hog fat. Their cocktail menu is a killer, and their pies complete your meals.

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