A white female passenger on the metro was assaulted and battered by an unhinged Black male who was also a fellow passenger. She was struck 20 times in her face and the suspect showed no signs of stopping until he injured her ribs.

This brutal scene of the unprovoked assault and battery by the perpetrator was caught on camera in a Metro train in Dade, Florida. Every moment was caught on the footage as the assailant savagely attacked the defenseless woman, according to Meaww.

Victim went 'blank' due to the assault

It was shocking and bizarre as the brutal assailant, identified as 25-year-old Joshua James King, jumped on the victim, Andrea Puerta, 29 on September 4. His strong blows on the unsuspecting woman left her with a concussion from multiple strikes with his fist on her face. He also kicked and jostled her like a rag doll that left a broken rib and severe bruising, according to The Sun.

The victim was visibly begging for the perpetrator to stop beating her. Instead, he seemed to savor what he was to doing to the defenseless victim.

There is no doubt of the accused's guilt in the assault and battery, because the attack was caught on video. Footage distinctly captured the suspect walking in several times, then starts to batter her repeatedly about 20 strikes to the face, kicking her hard, and slamming her head. He was positively identified because of the footage.

The victim told Local 10 that she begged the man to stop. In an attempt to protect herself, she covered herself with her hands, yet he was still relentlessly beating her. At one point, the assailant said sorry to her like an awful apology, then resumed beating her furiously. She went blank from the beating and had no idea what happened.

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She was able to get off the floor after blacking out and went out of the train to alert 911 about the incident. More footage shows that the perpetrator was not done with her. Reports state that King fought with two more male passengers later that day.

For his felonies, the assaulter was arrested and charged on three counts of aggravated battery on individuals. He was allowed by the court to be released on September 10 after posting a $1,500-bond. He will be arraigned in court on Friday for the charges against him.

Victim raising funds for her hospital bills

Law enforcement authorities photographed the victim's severe injuries as evidence in court. Puerta sufferred a black eye with a swollen jaw, with more bruises all over her body, according to WSVN. She said the beating she took could have killed her, but she's also glad she survived the horrible ordeal.

Enduring the fear and ordeal of the assault and battery by King, the victim also had to deal with expensive medical bills for her treatment. The family of Andrea started a GoFundMe campaign to provide funds for medical, legal, and therapeutic needs as part of the expenses for her.

The page mentioned how the perpetrator attacked Andrea in the Metro Rover. All proceeds will go to her to pay for all expenses caused by the attack, especially medical attention, which is what she needed most. Any help would be appreciated.

All needed funds were given by good Samaritans and the Puerta family. The GoFundMe organizer Adela Manotas shared that the goal of $8,500 was exceeded by donors.

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