Tragedy struck when a demented pedophile killed two young girls when their mother was away. The divorcee mother came home to find the bodies of her dead daughters, knifed and shredded by the killer.

Last Tuesday, a woman with two daughters found them cruelly slain by her boyfriend. She did not know that he is a criminal responsible for murdering and raping young girls until it was too late. His lie led to the murder of her beloved children, reported Meaww.

The unhinged molester and rapist, identified as Vitaly Molchanov, 41, fled after committing the heinous double killing. His victims were Yana and Elena Saprunova, aged 13 and 8. Russian authorities are setting out on nationwide search for the deranged fellow. 

Vitaly Molchanov, 41, fled the scene after the killings of Yana and Elena. Russian authorities have since launched a nationwide manhunt for the suspect, the Daily Mail reported.

 The bereave divorced mother is Valentina Saprunova, 40, who met Vitaly but moved in with him very ill-advisedly. She came to cohabit with him and moved about 1600 miles from her residence in Siberia to the man's flat. Not knowing a month later his flat will be where her daughters will die cruelly. She worked at a local medical hospital in the Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region.

 At the flat after work on a Tuesday, she saw her daughter eviscerated by a knife. The corpses were in a pitiful condition as well. Molchanov was spotted by witnesses, escaping on a white bicycle from the scene of the crime.

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A criminal case is officially opened by the Russian Investigative Committee in the double homicide case that was done with inhuman cruelty. Reports mention that law enforcement operatives say that the nurse contacted the pedophile via a dating app about six months back, noted The Sun.

In one post, he wrote that he was sad that they lived far apart, and he loved her. He wanted to be closer to her. Shortly, the woman moved in with her daughters. Soon after, the happiness she felt in finding love would end tragically a month later in blood and murder.

She never knew that he was convicted of heinous crimes like child rape and murder in 2010. He intentionally kept it from Valentina and lied about his past.

 Before the double murder of the Saprunova girls, Molchanov posted a meme that foresaw what lay ahead. It read like a Freudian slip saying that after a murder, police should look over to the spouse which is all that is there to marriage. 

REN-TV said that such a tragedy would not have happened to Valentina. If she did not meet her partner on the internet. Meeting on the internet could lead to a predator or a cold killer. Apparently, no one will divulge that they've killed and raped anyone, cited The Mirror.

The Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda said that the killer kept his past a secret intentionally from Valentina. If she knew that, she would have never lived with him and her daughters will still be alive.

Since her job took most of her time, he was deranged with jealousy. Killing the girls is his expression of how he felt. One neighbor was enraged by his actions and said he should be destroyed.

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