Nancy Pelosi is one of the most unpopular Democrats and those who are non-liberal are not too pleased. One Youtuber made waves by recording a video of him defecating at the Democrat's driveway.

Later on, he clarified that it was all about peaceful protest when conceived a liberal act in the driveway of her expensive San Francisco pad. He added it went about a bit too much with the Poop for Pelosi stunt and became a hit with more than a million views, the New York Post.

The identity of the individual is Mando that is used on all his channels on Youtube but asked to keep his last name for fear of the Democrats and their support going after him. He said that the whole poop for Pelosi was inspired by one of the comments from his live stream.

According to the 28-year old, explaining his videos are a niche that makes IRL or in real life. This is usually spontaneous and unfiltered videos live stream from actual and unscripted daily life. Or just scenes that are about boring and daily life.

 The channel he started began six-years ago when he started life as a homeless man. One of the goals was to show how it was for homeless people on the street, from city to city.

 He added the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns had made homelessness hard to bear, said Mando. The closure of businesses has kept customers out and bathrooms aren't accessible to them.

The Livestream event is titled Poopalosi, which he said is an act of protest when homeless people are on the streets every day. But the Democrat Pelosi and others can get haircuts in salons. Most of the time. Life goes one without a problem.

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He added that in his streams, mentioning that a toilet was needed all week. One comment suggested go to Pelosi's house and take a dump there. That he just did, the proof is in the stream. Remarking that the idea was enticing and he went and done the deed. The poop had to be let out eventually too.

Scenes in the video show him looking in the streets of San Francisco, seeking the Democrat Pelosi's hope. When got there and set up his equipment on the opposite side of Pelosi's home.

Next he stands in the driveway for a few minutes.t Later, he salutes in the view screen and lets out to relieve himself on the driveway. But, before he was done, he says it was done for President Trump with a flourish too.

He told the outlet it was satire and admitted that political is not his thing. He admitted that he supports the incumbent Republican and fears how crime is getting worse, and what is happening in the U.S. too, noted KYR News.

 Adding the fear of many that American is burning down, city by city.He was tracked by officers with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Department, at the request of Capitol Police that protected members of Congress from pooping vagrants.

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