A boxer woman was charged with the murder of two men. She raped a man to death with a shovel handle shoved into his nethers. The other one was beaten to death by the woman.

Elena Povelyaikina, 22, a Russian female boxer from Mikhailovka was sentenced for killing two men by them. One of the men got it in the rear end with a shovel handle resulting into his gruesome death as his nethers were seriously sexually violated. She was given thirteen years imprisonment for what she has done to the two men, reports Daily Mirror.

The first assault, according to police, happened when an unknown 37-year-old drunk mandid not want to leave their family home. She took matters into her own hands and beat up the drunk person. While very enraged, she severely beat the man. After that, she got a handle from the shove and used it to violate his rear end the worst way. When the man died from his torn nethers, the violated corpse was thrown over the fence, cited MEAWW.

Initially, the police had no idea who killed the man. However, witnesses informed the police that Povelyaikina was responsible to the man's demise. Reports say that she was drinking when someone identified as Evgeny Grebenkov, 31, a.k.a, Ivan said bad things about her 57-year-old father Pyotr. It made her very angry which made her want to get even, noted The Sun

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Her father was a successful farmer and raised her now 26-year-old brother. Investigators related how Ivan ended up as her punching bag that led to a deadly beating. Povelyaikina found Ivan lying on the sofa very drunk, and she mounted on him. She started striking the drunk man by punching and kicking him. Ivan was beaten to death. She admitted to the murder, although she did not appear in court.

She went home to help the family on the farm and stayed for a while, when the killing happened. Everyone in the village know her precociousness, which was not normal. When asked by Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, their neighbors noted her small size, but is stronger than normal.

A witness to the second deadly beating, who wanted anonymity, asked that Ivan be spared. The person feared getting in the way of Povelyaikina because of her reputation. After the beating, Ivan was still alive and they did not call the medics. The victim died the next morning.

The accused was checked for insanity. All tests show she was normal but with a bad temper. She admitted both killings, but did not agree to testify. According to state investigator Ivan Lyubyi, when asked about the events, she gave several conflicting statements but forensics uncovered the truth, confirmed Yahoo.

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