If you follow the news as much as socially-aware self could handle, you probably know the massive explosion in Beirut last Tuesday and are curious how to help Beirut. There is a glimmer of hope: you can make the change you want to see.

People across the globe were horrified by the incident. There are over 135 people fatalities and 5,000 wounded. Up to 200,000 could now be homeless in Lebanon. Adding to that, the country is in the midst of an economic crisis.

Aid groups have been deployed to help treat the thousands wounded by the blast as the search for survivors continues. The explosion has overwhelmed the authorities and damaged hospitals and critical facilities. The shock wave severely damaged roads.

Groups worldwide have mobilized for people looking for ways to give support, reported The New York Times. You could offer them your contribution:

1. Lebanese Red Cross

The Lebanese Red Cross, the main source of ambulance services in Lebanon, stated that they would dispatch ambulances from North Lebanon, South Lebanon, and Bekaa to treat wounded people and assist search-and-rescue operations.

Aside from mobilizing ambulances, they are setting up first aid, temporary shelter in Beirut, and triage stations to provide victims with safe recovery.

You could contribute here.

2. World Vision

Local assessments indicate that as many as 500,000 people may require assistance with immediate needs including food, shelter, and clothing, reported World Vision.

How to help Beirut? World Vision's immediate response is surmised to reach 120,000 individuals affected by the blast with support including: basic needs including food and household items, temporary shelter or housing repairs for families, and psychological first aid to relieve children and families affected.

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3. Impact Lebanon

This non-profit and social incubator organization is raising funds through the crowdfunding website JustGiving to provide disaster relief for the aftermath of Beirut's incident, reported "The Oprah Magazine.'' The organization has raised over £3.5 million of its £5 million goal as of Wednesday. 

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4. Beit el Baraka

Beit el Baraka is a Beirut-based non-profit organization that provides help to families and elderly people in Lebanon who are grappling with living costs.

After the blast at Beirut port, they stated on their Instagram Story that they are going to contribute to fixing families' homes that were severely destroyed.

5. Donate from Abroad to Beirut Disaster Relief

Click this link for a comprehensive list of ways to take action if you live abroad, including donating to Live, Love, Beirut, which is pooling monetary assistance to NGOs in Beirut.

6. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)

The MSF staff have provided assistance to medics in health facilities in Beirut in the aftermath of the incident.

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7. Baytna Baytak

Baytna Baytak is a charitable organization that provided free housing to health care workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The charity is now raising funds with Impact Lebanon to provide shelter for displaced citizens.

To know how to help Beirut, click here.

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