Within the past several years, castor oil has become popular after it became famous as an ingredient in beauty and skincare products. However, many people may not know that castor oil's effects go deeper than skin-deep. Beauty and health benefits of castor oil has been widely used for millenia.

Castor Oil is extracted from the seeds of the castor bean, which is also known as Ricinus communis. People from thousands of years ago have been using castor oil due to its many uses. However, extracting the oil from the castor bean requires a tedious and careful process. This is because the castor bean contains a toxic enzyme known as ricin. The process of heating the beans to produce castor oil deactivates the said enzyme allowing it to be safe for consumption.

Castor oil has been known to be versatile and can be used for pharmaceutical, medicinal purposes, and beauty purposes.

1.Treats and clears acne

Perhaps one of the uses of castor oil that has gained much attention is its ability to clear acne. Nowadays, the generation of young men and women have become very conscious of how they look. While it is better to be confident with what you have, it is never wrong to try and improve yourself to boost one's morale. Castor oil helps clear acne through restoring the moisture balance of the skin, thus the body won't need to produce more oil triggering inflammation and acne.

2.Prevents Hair Fall and Promotes Growth

According to NDTV Food, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, a dermatologist stated that applying castor oil as a hair mask with methi seeds and steam could make the hair roots stronger, thus, preventing hair fall.

Moreover, it has been noted that castor oil helps promote hair growth. Many have been applying castor oil on their eyebrows and lashes in order to make them fuller and thicker.

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Aside from being a powerful ingredient in products fro the physical appearance, castor oil has also several medicinal purposes. One of which is that it is a very powerful natural laxative.

Castor oil's laxative powers has been known to be used for both  its beauty and health benefits.  As some people use it to lose weight,  while others simply want a regular bowel movement.

Based on studies explaining the mechanism of castor oil in aiding intestinal activity, castor oil's main fatty acid known as ricinoleic acid binds to the muscle cell receptors on the walls of the intestines. This causes the muscles to move more fluidly and contract to push out the stool from the intestines providing relief to the person who feels the discomfort. Thus, it has been widely used as a treatment for constipation, Healthline reported.

4.Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The main fatty acid found in castor oil, ricinoleic acid has been found to have properties which prevent inflammation. According to studies, when applied topically, castor oil helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation.

It has been found that the ability of castor oil to reduce pain has been particularly helpful in people who suffer and endure inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Some studies have also stated that ricinoleic acid is more effective in reducing pain as compared to other methods of treatment.

Indeed castor oil is one of the most versatile ingredients out there with beauty and health benefits.

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