A cough clears the irritants and infections from our body, but repeatedly coughing does not sound good and definitely annoying. Coughing has multiple causes, it can be from allergies, infections, or even acid reflux, and due to its numerous causes, its treatment also depends on the underlying cause.

There are many natural cough remedies available at home to relieve cough, but the US FDA reminds the public that everything that they did not approve can be risky to consume especially these herbs and supplements available in the market and if the cough persists after taking such remedies it is better to seek medical advice, Medical News Today noted.

So before using these natural remedies, let us dig deeper about these natural remedies to have better results.


This root crop cannot only ease your dry or asthmatic cough, as it could also relieve nausea and pain due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It relaxes the membranes in the airways in our body, reducing the chance of coughing.

A cup of hot water with 20-40 grams of ginger could be soothing but you must also be aware as it might lead to heartburn or stomach upset.


Peppermint leaves are well known because of its healing properties, drinking a peppermint tea or inhaling its vapors from a steam bath will surely soothe the throat as it acts as a decongestant that breaks down mucus.


The most popular cough remedy is here. The parents' pick, honey mixed with warm water is a go-to solution of parents for their coughing kids.

Based on research, using honey is way better than the normal cough-suppressing medicine as it creates more significant relief based on children that are coughing. Despite having lesser benefits, parents still choose honey as an alternative intervention in treating cough. But take note, children under the age of 1 cannort take this remedy as it can be poisonous for them as it could end up to botulism.

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Salt-water gargle

The simplest among the remedies yet one of the most effective treatments as it is a great alternative for sore throat and wet cough. The saltwater is effective for phlegm reduction and also mucus in the back part of the throat that lessens the continuous coughing.

But just a reminder for parents, avoid giving saltwater mixture to young children as they could not gargle it properly, so if you will have them gargling, better supervise them all throughout.


Linked to many cough remedies, steam is an alternative that you can definitely benefit from a wet cough that produces phlegm and mucus can be neutralized by steam.

Aside from the normal steam wherein, you will be inhaling the steam in a bowl, you can also try another steaming process wherein you will be taking a hot shower or bath and allow the bathroom to be filled with steam as it may reduce the symptoms that you are feeling.

According to Healthline, while lot of simple cough remedies are available at home or on the market,  if the symptoms persist after taking the mentioned remedies it is recommended to be examined by a physician.

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