Face masks are now required to be worn in California as a state-wide order is issued by the Governor. There has been resistance in wearing face-coverings but this guide will clear up an important point for everyone. So, following the state-wide order should be fully implemented, reported from SF Chronicle.

Why is a face covering needed?

It is proven to be the most effective method to stop the transmission of COVID-19 through droplets by sneezing, wheezing, coughing, or talking. These virions will stay in aerosol form in the air for three hours and extend 26 feet away. Practice hand washing and other sanitary means as well.

When should facial coverings be worn?

The facial covering should be worn outdoors and indoors all the time. This is a way to protect others and ourselves during the pandemic

Who is exempted from wearing them and why?

Those not required to wear one are toddlers ages two and under, or anyone with underlying conditions that can be compromised by wearing one.

Can you wear it while exercising?

No need for a facial covering when exercising indoors. When running, biking, or hiking, keep a mask on hand within a 30-foot distance from people.

Choosing the best kind of mask 

The best mask is the N95 and the washable cloth type that have varying degrees of protection. Use the best facial covering suited for personalized reasons.

Always wear face-covering properly

Just remember to wear masks the right way to avoid leakage and getting viruses on it. Never wear it with the nose covered and keep the sides sealed at all times. Keep this in mind when wearing any kind of facial coverings. If there are too many gaps, it useless to wear one at all.

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Wearing masks at home 

The only reason to wear a mask at home is if one is in isolation for two weeks. If all members in the house are uninfected, then a mask is needed. Though visitors to the house will have to wear one.

Masks don't cut off oxygen

Wearing facial coverings does not cause less oxygen or CO2 intoxication based on WHO. The best advice is to wear it the proper way, not too loose or too tight so breathing normally is no problem for the wearer.

Wearing a face covering does not cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

No need to panic or go nuts because CO2 is easily diffused by medical masks to N95 respirators that allow easy and normal breathing.

Wearing a face mask will not cause infection of the eyes

Anyone is protected by a face covering that is worn correctly with no gaps. The only way to get infected by the coronavirus through eyes is by rubbing contaminated hands in the eyes. Sterilize and keep hands clean, that simple.

Why did the WHO change its mind about facial coverings?

Not much is known about the coronavirus so the WHO and CDC made a mistake, but recommends wearing one as a preventive to infection.

Reusing disposable masks

To reuse an N95, just keep it in a paper bag for 72-hours between use. Wash cloth face masks per use, and just water and soup would do in high heat.

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