It seems that wearing a mask can be hard to breathe.For some, it is even downright uncomfortable as well, which is the reason why some individuals dislike having them on.

Masks can be stifling and there is all this fuss about why one is even needed at all. If that is the case for those who have worn it, then first time wearers are sure to dislike it. But there's no need to worry that it will have side effects because there isn't any, according to Life Hacker.

When is it not advisable to wear a mask?

For most individuals, they will not have a problem with wearing a face covering, and not having one on is not a safe proposition. For example, one of the exemptions to wearing one is when certain medical conditions concern respiration and breathing. Feeling discomfited by wearing one is not a medical problem at all, know when to keep one on your face.

Will it block the oxygen supply and cause problems? 

Having a face covering on is nothing to be concerned or panic about. If one fears of getting the air cut off and suffocating from it, it won't happen. It may trap one's breath that smells odd for some reason, so one can expect odors to get trapped or even sweat under the facial covering

Face coverings don't cut off oxygen, but a massive panic attack may happen for those who are uninformed.

Overthinking that covering over the face can lessen oxygen in the head, may result into a fully-fledged panic attack. We are the reason why it seems that the onset of an assault by panic comes. The solution is to accept that it offers protection during a pandemic and understand the science behind it.

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There are many types of face coverings to choose from, don't fret at all.

Sometimes choosing the right mask is critical for comfort and kind of masks offer degrees of protection. Another thing is that carbon dioxide does not get trapped in a mask because it is airtight. Some will leak more than others that is the main difference to consider. Sometimes a cloth facial covering will do for most individuals because it is not as sealed and breathable.

It is a myth that face coverings will lessen the oxygen supply. 

It is improper to think that masks will cut off the oxygen and cause dizziness because breathing is harder. A good example are those who need to wear face-covering at work for a long period. Even doctors and health workers never took off their masks, and some even got infected because they did not have one on.

Take note that health workers wear masks all the time. 

 If some professionals wear a facial covering for 8 hours per shift, think of all the health professionals who need to keep one on always. They wear a heavy-duty N95  mask which is not that  breathabl. They work for 13 hours straight but areunaffected. Sometimes, they wear stacked N95s too!

Masks work and in the pandemic, it is the bestftool for protection. Don't believe those saying it does not do anything to protect you. 

Lastly, the World Health Organization say that masks are needed, ignore those that say it is not. It will keep the virus away.

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